‘Alien’ boy gets new skull in pioneering 3D printing surgery


Doctors creating a comprehensive model of the boy’s misshaped head – who experienced previously due to a rare brain defect.

Right now eight weeks old, the boy referred to as Xiao Yu, is now regaining following the good surgery.


Chinese suppliers skull surgeryCEN
SURGERY: Doctors were able to printing the youthful boy a 3D head
China skull surgeryCEN
PROCEDURE: The medical procedures proved to be powerful as the young man is recovering
Craniosynostosis, which can be estimated to affect 6 babies in each and every 10, 500, causes sore joints between the patient’s skull bone fragments to close too early before the mental faculties are fully created.


More thinking than the impact on the subject’s appearance, nevertheless , is the fact the condition may impair mind development — which could trigger seizures as well as death.

Xiao Yu was put in the proper care of Dr Bao Nan great colleagues in the Shanghai Children’s Medical Center in East Dish.


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