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Do you mind supporting the upcoming printers being crowd-funded in websites like Kickstarter and Indiegogo? A lot of major brands like Printrbot, Zortrax and Formlabs would not possibly be here without the crowds. With the fascination and interest around 3D printing grows, it is just safe to know that more companies will make a pitch for this support. 

TinyBoy 2 - 3D Printer for Education
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TinyBoy 2 – 3D Printer for Education

TinyBoy 2 The newest Tinyboy 2 3D printer is suitable for learning. To encourage the scholars not simply to take, but to become Makers. Tinyboy can be assembled by students by using a few simple ...
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101Hero 3D Printer

101Hero: 3D Printing images For Everyone Our work is to offer everyone to be able to dream, design and create. Unleash your creative imagination and bring your opinions to life! 101Hero makes 3D printing easy ...