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101Hero 3D Printer

101Hero: 3D Printing images For Everyone

Our work is to offer everyone to be able to dream, design and create. Unleash your creative imagination and bring your opinions to life! 101Hero makes 3D printing easy and fun for young people, students and professionals likewise.

As the most affordable 3D computer printer in the world the 101Hero is available for everyone. Starting is as easy as 1-2-3. Simply put in the memory card, press the button, watching your custom creations form right before your eyes.

101Hero 3D Printing device
101Hero 3D Printer
Imagination is no longer restricted to experts using complicated software and expensive printers. Today anyone can learn, picture and produce.

How Convenient is 101Hero?

Using the Buyer Version (CV) 3D printing can be as easy as inserting an SD card with a design file into it and depressing a button. The creation commences to publications.
No link with computer is necessary, simply put the 101Hero into a power source, insert memory card and go!
The 101Hero includes custom color wire and system is simple. You’re going to be 3D printing in less than 10 minutes.
Download 3D IMAGES designs from the 101Hero website or create your own. You are limited only by your creativeness.
101Hero’s small , and lightweight size makes it simply perfect for the home, class or business.
For advanced designs founder and Creator Version (DV) can hook up to a Windows, Macintosh, or Apache computer to develop and print out directly using free open-source software.
What can I make with 101Hero 3D Computer printer?

Just about anything! 101Hero can create single or multi-part THREE DIMENSIONAL objects for endless creative possibilities including:

  • 3D styles and 3 DIMENSIONAL models
  • Toys and games, gifts, diamond, pendants and ornaments
  • Attractive art and fridge magnets
  • Personalised every day objects (iPhone cases, pencils, and more! )
  • Accessories for Lego and other popular toys
  • Robotics and Mentally stimulating games pieces
  • Valuable household alternatives
  • Arts and crafts
  • Substitute machine components
  • Classroom and lab parts

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