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TinyBoy 2 – 3D Printer for Education

TinyBoy 2 - 3D Printer for Education

TinyBoy 2

The newest Tinyboy 2 3D printer is suitable for learning. To encourage the scholars not simply to take, but to become Makers. Tinyboy can be assembled by students by using a few simple tools. Learners can operate and maintain their own machines by themselves, for them to understand the Machine culture through making.
3D IMAGES printers are relevant to quite a few of subject matter, not restricted to:

3D design, 3D applications, e. g. reproducing old artifact for history lessons

Tinyboy 3D Printer and the technology that drive it, elizabeth. g. Arduino, 3 Responsable Robotic Control.

Meet Mister. Parker Leung, the high school graduation teacher who designed the Tinyboy 3D printer. He is very passionate about bringing out 3D printing technology into the programs. A 3D printer usually takes 20~30 minutes to print a tiny object. With no TinyBoy, a teacher planning to encourage students to print out their designs into actuality, would require excessive figure to be used multiple regular 3D computer printers, not to mention the room required to house these machines.

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The Manufacturer Movement is predicted by Chris Anderson and other leaders to be critical in using the 3rd Commercial Revolution into reality. All of us think that having kids subjected to 3D stamping technology is a crucial component in this process.
Tinyboy 2 reduces the hurdle to bring 3D printing into formal and casual education configurations. It is our dream that in the future when 3D impress will be widely used in space programs, a staff of the program will come to us and say that Tinyboy was his / her inspiration.

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